Saturday, 4 September 2010

The 7th issue of Henry the Hooligan


If you're wondering, that thing that cracked at the end of the comic is a microwave. If you want me to answer any more questions then strut everywhere around england until you see a sign saying st albans 300 miles. Then walk that way 300 miles. After that walk around that area until you find a house which has an 86 and a blue door. Next hop over the wall, knock on the door and you'll get your answers.

To see a larger version click here.


annie said...

Poor Henry and Henry's dog.Well, the dog got warm... Hot, I guess. Can't wait for the 8th issue, Xavier.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear!

Maisie, Yoyo and Seamus are really worried that Rufus might be part of this.

We hope not - give him a cuddle from us.

Auntie Rachel