Monday, 17 November 2008

My Bible

I was talking with Mummy about what we were learning about the Bible the other day and I couldn't understand why the Bible did not say about how the dinosaurs came millions of years before people. Anyway Mummy said that when people wrote down the Bible stories they didn't even know about the dinosaurs so they couldn't write about them. So I told Mummy that when I came home from school I was going to write my own Bible and include the dinosaurs. This was written all by me but I have included Hugo at the top because he helped me with some of the spelling. I haven't finished it yet but Mummy wanted to scan it in case I forgot to finish it.


Anonymous said...

This great!

I wonder what Sarah Palin's take on it would be?


annie said...

Oh, Yay, Xavier--dinosaurs. So interesting, your Bible. I look forward to seeing the rest.

Penny said...

Well Xavier I think you have done very well and your writing looks better than mine Penny